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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 301  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2017 2:32pm-3:01pm AST

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hi in kenya where the final results of the rerun presidential vote is due to be announced in just over an hour's time that this by the vote being pursued by own in twenty five areas president who took in the outer round without a significant challenger but the opposition pulled out syrian government forces have stormed one of the last remaining neighborhoods held by iceland the eastern city of their resort i'll have media is the most populous areas still under the armed groups control one hundred eighty people live there the syrian army broke eyesores four years siege on their desire in september but there are still small pockets of resistance the seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's six year war are underway in the kazak capital or stan or the meeting is expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the talks are sponsored by iran and russia which support the syrian regime and turkey which backs the rebels media reports amir marsay the government is considering
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setting up a special economic zone in iraq and state for me in my tree says peace and stability in the region has been restored and the government is through as told local media it's likely a hundred fifty rangar will be repatriated today. the headlines stay with inside story now. historians of a kurdish homeland dashed the super zani is stepping down as president of iraq's kurdish region but does that in the current struggle for independence and was it ever a possibility this is inside story. welcome
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to the program i'm richelle carey the leader of iraq's kurdish region will not be extending his term as president supersonic he has been under pressure to quit following september's controversial secession referendum the session vote trigger more than ten days of fighting between iraqi and kurdish forces the region's parliament met in a close session on sunday to discuss how to redistribute power is held by the kurdish regional president and a letter president barzani outlined. we're breaking in now to bring you live coverage of the director of spain's public prosecution is. the issue of the charges against him because he does let's listen in to what he has decided that was in. place.
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so that we can forward to all the relevant documents. prosecutorial. persecution pursuant to the constitutional duties to promote just clinton defend. the rights of citizens and generally has filed charges for sedition embezzlement. and. political leaders of the. regional government with their actions and decisions over the past three years. that resulted in. this was carried out. observing and ignoring our constitution in. october twenty seventh.
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of this charge against the government has been done to the national court given that they don't have any more parliamentary privilege i mean there's also charges against the members of parliament. but those members of. the facilitated. of independent those charters are have been submitted to the supreme court given that they still have the parliamentary privilege but. in both cases. all the people all the members of ours time and questioning and we have requested precautionary measures given the seriousness of the crimes. for no one was intended and persecution will continue conducting it. completely.
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at least. to make sure that we. respond consideration and all the laws that have in this case been violated by the members of the catalan government thank you for. several charges of rebellion sedition and embezzler that have been filed against the leaders of catalonia the words there of the director of public prosecutions speaking in madrid the spanish capital he said those charges were being lodged with the national courts i also pointed out more charges were being brought against members of parliament of the regional parliament of catalonia for their role in the independence bed and he said those charges were being lodged at the supreme court because they still had parliamentary privilege we have andrew symonds i believe
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joining us now from barcelona andrea you heard the charges there you think those are going to surprise some people given the range of charges which were mentioned. most people are going to be quite taken aback by this. well. known to be considering. charges of rebellion but rebellion was ruled out by many lawyers. advising this government that they considered the sedition charge was more likely than the rebellion one. that has to be an observation here that there is no specifics as to who faces what charge that will probably become clear in the coming hours if not days in terms of who faces what charge but it has to be said that. no one is quite sure.
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actually he's certainly not in this building according to people we've spoken to local media the only thing that's emerged from this building is a still photograph. portrayed of color which still remains in place unlike other public buildings. is portrayed has been removed but coming back to the main issue with the prosecutor he said that as you rightly pointed out there are two courts involved the national court and the supreme court. being used because there are. people being charged now these charges back two years. the prosecutor said several cases several allegations involving both politicians and officials seem. this constitutional crisis he referred
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to it and he said the members of parliament. because of the actions of. some of them have most of them have not got privileges they have no. means of actually escaping justice so to speak so we have a situation now where a meeting has been taking place of p.d. cat that is the main. party of the ruling coalition there's also a meeting of the other. party see that's in session as well we know that did not appear at the p.d. capital did not arrive whether he's saying something by video link or phone is unclear but what we expect from these meetings is some sort of clear statement on where this former government in the eyes of madrid but in the eyes of the people involved this government in waiting may be all hasn't been described but they are
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they did proclaim a republic in effect and they do have committees of defense mobilized ready to defend buildings if necessary but what we're hearing is that really we're not getting things into that sort of area because some ministers have shown up for work there's been an approach from the most which is the regional police force just reminding the people involved that they are not they should not actively to work from their offices and then we've had for example one minister leave his office saying he was still going about his duties but what we're really saying is that they know the law and that if they were to sign papers or take any action that would be in terms of governmental work then that would be against the law they're not in government building behind me this is the. government. that right now is vacant we don't know whether all the possessions of the ministers have since
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been sacked have actually been taken out. the other aspect as well is whether or not the p.t. cats on the other party actually do take part in the elections which will take place in december the spanish foreign minister has said on two occasions now that's as far as he's concerned. could. actually take part in that election that's if he's out of jail now whether that was an aside or meant as a serious. comment on the political future of pushed him on his unclear but but certainly while charges hang over members of this government there is going to be on ease in barcelona and it's certainly a tense time in terms of whether madrid will show its political force so to speak well that looks as if they're playing it quite carefully they haven't come charging
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in with with spanish police saw the civil guard their reliance on moss's which is the regional police force seventeen thousand strong that played a big role in the october the first referendum effectively standing between the spanish national police and people who wanted to vote and really letting the whole thing happen so that was very controversial but now the two top people in that force have been sacked and replaced by a spanish. chief officer and that is subject to an interior ministry meeting which has been taking place as well today lots of moving parts right now but still no clarity on where exactly these politicians stand right now in terms of what they can do and what they can't. there in the square where there was chanting
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a moment ago i'm wondering andrew has that news sink down to people there was sort of reaction we looking at. i can't actually physically see them right now but the certainly hasn't been any vocal reaction here as i've been speaking what you would expect is perhaps defiance but perhaps certainly a surprise that the range of charges in the sense that if rebellions being used it's a very serious matter that has charged that normally involves violence as i was saying earlier and that could carry a maximum sentence of thirty years sedition also another serious charge which has by the way been used against what are known as the two george is the two men activists who were arrested while back now and they're still in detention and being
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accused of sedition and there's also been a sedition charges being used against the police chief of most use for his actions a few weeks back as well this addition could carry a maximum sentence of fifteen years so these are like charges this is serious serious stuff and what's. legal advice is being sought by every member of the government that oversaw the folks in parliament last friday which caused elation here in barcelona amongst those who wanted to session seventy votes for ten against two abstentions now the mood is very different it has to be said. over the weekend being in. his home city and he's been calling for peaceful resistance now i spoke at length on sunday to one of the
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neighborhood action groups which is called the committee for the defense of the republic c.d.r. the c.d.r. used to stand. committee for the defense of the referendum and he was saying that they are in a state of confusion really because no one was really sure when i spoke to him during that massive march by the pro unionists many of them turning out on sunday to say look. we're the silent majority as they describe themselves but anyway this this official was telling me that the problem was that the leadership had to be very very careful not to incite anything not to incite any violence not to incite any direct action effectively because there's been no resistance there's been no guarding buildings there's been no sit ins there's been no direct action there is a definite situation here where those who have declared secession and
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found that article one five five a steamroller right away through their move those that have done that are standing back and thinking we're going to have to play very softly softly right now and the government even though it's taking a pretty heavy handed approach in terms of. taking over putting direct rule into place sacking anyone politically connected to what's going on that government action has not been forceful on the streets it's not seen as forceful here the seat of government which we can only see from here we can see the spanish civil guard the spanish police though no helicopters above the sort of scenes that we're expecting have not unfolding that is important but it's also led to a state of really uncertainty as to walk really happens next and that depends on what's decided at these political meetings where we have the coalition parties
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meeting right now as i said something let me just bring our viewers up to date with what's been happening for those just joining us and we've had announcement by. the spanish director of public prosecutions who said several charges will be brought. rebellion sedition embezzlement against the leaders of the catalonia region he said those charges at the national court level and he also said they'll be several charges brought against members of the catalonia parliament with the supreme court because they enjoyed their parliament tree privilege to go back to andrew symonds there this does raise a bit of a question mark under now about the elections you mentioned if you've got one side in the whole idea of having regional elections in which both sides will be better represented and better able to make their case and perhaps a more accurate representation the narrative goes of the will of all catalonians one in this sort of scenario are we not likely to see one side complain that it
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because it was declared illegal fugitive of the law it's not going to really have a chance to make its case so easily. so many dimensions to this crisis and that's you know a really big one because that election has been called by the spanish government this is. a body of politicians who regard themselves as the leaders of the republic which was declared effectively in fact the head of the article five five rolling out which gave unprecedented to the spanish central government to rule this country of course. it did he says close to a. close but certainly. talks do it to me we think we're pretty sure. the president was involved in that in fact close to.
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his own election. could have been called the government. the p.d. . seemed to be in favor of. a possible deal that didn't come to fruit according to. he said that. he had called for the release of two of the two georges as they're known to activists. on this edition of a gay she's not charged as yet. some other concessions from the government that didn't happen so the government. is imposing its own snap election in december and we have now. ministers who will be facing charges so. it would seem that they could seriously damage the chances of the
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ruling coalition to actually take part. we're also hearing from opinion polls it's always difficult to gauge the opinion polls of the exact temperature especially within the publications or otherwise. but the suggestion is that it's very much fifty fifty in terms of who is. in independence and who wants. to go through in the way that it's been dealt with and then those who want to remain part of spain now obviously this will be a. yes it will be great for everyone to have their say whether it be independence or otherwise but look at hypothetical situations here what if the independence movement or not charged. procession is when the election where they stand in terms of the constitution the same so how does it move forward
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if people democratically. voted for. we want to see. then of course it could go the other way and that would suit mariano rajoy the spanish prime minister if it was to go in the direction of those who want to remain part of spain then maybe job done but. the damage. the society the whole social structure of has been devastated has never been as bad as this in terms of one side or the other speaking to people at the rally on sunday. actual medical doctor with her family. adamantly. fascist people who are. around the franco people who just want to be. in a republic we don't want to be something that's away from spain and we've got our rights yet i was talking later on to the independent. take.
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this is this is democracy we have a citizens democracy we've done things as democratic as we can. do going back more than five years it was made quite clear what parties stood for it was you know the coalition it is a minority government but it's a coalition and it is it is named after yes it is named because that's his primary role so the thing is as you point out we're in uncharted waters here where in areas where there are a cloudy lines. issues such as democracy civil rights and the whole a whole range of issues. also a very very important part of it we haven't really raised yet. you know where is the voice. because both sides have to exercise restraint in terms of.
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go to the streets but beyond that there has been no mediation the has been no. he you might say because a member state. it's very popular idea it's very unpalatable prospect to see a. member state faced with secession and it also starts to roll on in europe there are other parts slovenia for example look at the case there where they broke away from yugoslavia that they're in in touch with this with with members of this administration that's now effectively in total suspension they have been in touch the. separatists every other day coming here from different parts of the world. not taken off internationally however could it take off internationally that's the
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question if this turns if this whole situation turns violent for example or. something else something else seismic that happens here but right now what we can do is wait to see what carla speech tomorrow does if anything at all how he responds how the parties respond to what the public prosecutor has announced we've yet to hear from him exactly what the charges are against which individuals and so on and so forth we don't know exactly who's been charged andrea but this is not a total surprise we did know that charges were coming today and i'm wondering of the last course the last few days if you've been speaking to people in the pro independence can did they have a plan for this sort of scenario what if they're all declared you know charged and become fugitives how do they manage their movement then.
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i'm sure they do have a contingency plan and i'm sure it's absolutely top secret but as far as. officially i mean for the past he says that he will always be on record as saying that he's prepared to push hard for independence to take his party to that point but that he would then get out of politics well we'll see what happens but as far as any plan to go underground or or to to actually take action not clear i can only tell you what the actions have been over the weekend and it's been very confusing as i said earlier for some of the committees of defense for the republicans i described because they have wanted to hear from their leadership leadership has not given them any real firm guidance on what to do other than to resist peacefully passive resistance right the way across every area of society in
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catalonia that is really the methodology of that citizen driven movement that they want to be passive in every sense and that is has been the case . actions are concerned well he's keeping his cards incredibly close to his chest trying to appear relaxed in his home city over the weekend the record of which called on people to be resisting. the government a done in a car and peaceful manner was playing out a recorded play out as he was sitting in a restaurant talking to his supporters and people passing by waving to him is a city that is very pro secession flag. unlike here in the center of. the spanish like a still flying it was taken down. and in actual fact. on
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this monday morning when everyone was going to work had actually put on instagram an obscure low angle picture of part of the roof of a building. not dissimilar to the one behind me the palace of the local media speculating as to whether or not that's what that photograph on instagram was in fact proof that he was in the building. there's also been as i said earlier i think a photograph a still photograph of a portrait of him conveniently positioned in front of an open window but the end of the day he's not come here he's not come to his office he is somewhere else. we've also had we've had a. interesting offer from belgium from belgium to actually offer him asylum there's even been
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a report that he could go to. to get assignment in the french city and you know that that is that is a possibility but no no indication as to what they're going to do so i mean. we can just take our viewers for a second to reference some pictures and live pictures we have coming in this is the doors of the office of. the office we're not suggesting he's there has been pointing out no one actually knows where he is at this point but as you can see a lot of media gathering outside of those doors because we're expecting we're told somebody is going to come and address the media and make a statement that's in barcelona the offices of huge them or course we don't know where he is and we don't know who exactly is supposed to emerge but we're told that
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somebody will be making a statement will obviously have something to say. about the charges which were announced in the last twenty minutes. or so it's going to be interesting andrew to see how the crowds react to this as well one in. the position of the secessionists will only get harder as a result of this right i mean the calls for disobedience might go off a notch. they certainly could do let's just sort of. take a deep breath here i wouldn't want to say anything inflammatory but it's a definite possibility that there could be demonstrations that is the language of self-expression is to get on the street and peacefully demonstrate and as we're seeing on both sides now that is a distinct possibility but let's just deal with the issue of madrid in terms of lack of physical presence here the person who's in control of catalonia right now
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in terms of overall responsibility.


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